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By leasing your land for a solar PV crop with Sunday Power Group. For you, it secures a substantial income for decades but also actively contributes to transforming our energy landscape.

Here’s why landowners

Diversify farm income with solar


Multiple revenue streams strengthen the resilience of your farm and unlock new opportunities. A solar lease provides a guaranteed income for future generations.


Good for the planet and good for you. Promote a positive legacy by benefiting the environment, food, and future generations through a development approach that embraces dual land use.


As connections to the electricity grid are limited and specific, time is of the essence to understand if your land qualifies. The energy transition is a once in a century type of opportunity.


Let the sun do the heavy lifting while you sit back and collect passive income. Once operational, solar facilities require very little annual upkeep which means minimal disturbance.

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Unique advantages

Why Partner With Sunday?


Energy transition
in the UK

The United Kingdom needs more clean energy generation and flexible technologies to manage the fluctuation between supply
and demand. Much of the baseload energy that keeps the grid resilient and reliable was supported by fossil fuels. As generation from carbon fuels ramp down, the UK becomes more reliant on energy imports from other nations exposing the UK to exploding energy costs.

Distributed solar across the UK with strategically placed energy storage assets that store renewable energy until it is needed is the key to energy independence, reliability and security in the UK. Solar remains one of the cheapest forms of clean and predictable electricity.

Did you know: Only 7% of landowners know that access to the grid network is an absolute necessity? The electricity network is the number
one priority in our development process. All projects are sited based on network availability and need.

Distinctive Dimensions

the 4 pillars of Sunday

By focusing on the 4 pillars critical to the success of any renewable energy project, Sunday lowers execution risk and
development time for each project. By connecting landowners, communities, electricity networks and investors Sunday delivers
a highly agile and proactive development process.

Biodiversity Net Gain


New legislation awards biodiversity value to such land through habitat creation
and restoration, translating into a substantial and dependable financial benefit for landowners.

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Dual Use

Grazing animals help maintain vegetation under the panels and promotes sustainable land use, biodiversity, and benefits both the environment and the livestock. It’s a win-win!

Stronger Ecosystems

Sunday explores how solar farms contribute to Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). Operating for 30 to 40 years, these sites provide protected land, minimal human disturbance, and serve as habitats for various species, aligning with Europe’s rewilding missions.

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Secure, Indexed Revenue

By generating valuable biodiversity units you’re creating a golden opportunity for you to diversify your income and enter a market that’s projected to reach a whopping £274m annually!


power a brighter future

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